Learning Finance Just Got Easier!
(Even if you are an absolute beginner)

Every time you search on Google, find books, YouTube videos,
blogs, you get stuck because you

Don’t Know what question to ask

Confused which topic to read

Don’t Know basic finance terms

Mislead how concepts are linked

And even after all this, you feel scared, overwhelmed and shut everything down, hoping to start again someday later!

Don’t worry

We have figured it out for you with this

All-in-One Finance Bundle

This Bundle takes you from Being an
Absolute Beginner to a Pro in Finance

With a step-by-step approach that teaches EXACTLY what you need, starting from what
stock market is, to mutual funds, price movements, how to earn, how to invest,
trading in markets and what not.

Let’s dig deeper into the learning plan

Our Books

Trading Mastermind Book

Build your own Strategy and don’t rely on stock tips

Learn about candlesticks, moving averages, indicators, oscillators etc

Learn to combine tools to form winning strategies

Understand Risk Management so you limit Losses

Specially for beginners who are just starting

150+ stock examples for more clarity

Money smart Book

Build a Complete Financial Plan, all on your Own

Let go of your Fear of the Investing World

Stop Paying Extra Premium for Insurance

Manage your Loans and Become Debt-free

Choose the Most Appropriate Mutual Funds for your Specific Goals​

Know all the Tax Benefits you can Avail

Our Courses

Stock Investing For Individuals

Pick the Best Performing Company from 7,400 stocks

Find the true value of your favourite stocks

Build a high returns diversified portfolio of stocks

Stop Running Behind popular stocks– no room for growth

Read between the lines of financial reports of any Company – Find Red flags

Stop Relying on Tips from Brokers and Dealers – Find your Gems

Financial Modeling & Valuations

Learn to forecast revenues, cost drivers and assets

Build a complete financial model from scratch

Applicable for companies of different sizes

Value companies using DCF approach

Understand relative valuation & exit multiple approach

Decoding Futures & Options

Understand how futures and option work

Analyse and create your own strategies with futures & option

No more running behind tips, learn option trading on your own

Understand risk management to limit losses

Investing psychology

Understand the psychology behind bear and bull markets

Factors that affect investment & decision making

Common mistakes & pitfalls to avoid

Understand Mr. market & the price fluctuations in the market

MS Excel

Analyse Large data sets, charts & plottings

Perform Complex modelling and outline financial results

Create budgets, forecasts and plans

Visualize data and Perform Data Automation

Identify financial trends

Financial Analysis of Company

Understand the past performance of any given company

Conduct detailed ratio analysis for companies

Analyse each line item in depth

Link this to Financial models to drive at valuations

How to raise your first crore

Understand the investor mathematics what they are looking for

Get to know where to find potential investors

Being prepared with - pitch deck, financial projections, customer feedback etc

Decoding the math of valuation

Certificates in Your Name

Get Certified for Completing each Course and Give Your Resume a Boost

No more browsing through countless web pages just to understand basic finance terminologies

Finance can be challenging to comprehend if you rely just on internet, you need something more structured so you can follow a step-by-step process

Get this road map to climb the Everest of finance and kick start your Finance Journey

This bundle gets you all covered with

Personal finance

Stock Investing

Stock trading

Derivative Market

Mutual Funds


Tax Planning

Investing Psychology

MS Excel

Financial Analysis

Financial Modelling


This bundle gives you the right amount of structured information, with the interactive learning courses all in 1 package.

Just 1 bundle to get started with finance

Drive your career forward with 8 video courses, 2 books and verified certificates

Structured learning path

Get interactive learning sessions with practical implications in all courses

Interactive Books

Implication of theory while learning easily from the book with visual representation of all the concepts.

In the vast field of finance, knowledge is always free and people often drown in the ocean of information online.

Learning it the right way to avoid time wasting - guidance is always advisable to learn everything in a structured and interactive manner.

Uncover the hidden stocks from 7400 listed companies and invest smartly

Develop an End-to-End Financial Plan with 20+ real-life examples that helps you Reach all your Goals

Understand Almost all Investment Options Available and know if it Suits You

Learn to trade from scratch with 10+ patterns & 30+ real-life examples

Develop the core skill of finance MS Excel with 100+ tools & functions

Get started with modelling & analysis to build your career in finance

This Bundle is your go-to solution if you want to get Started😍

Who is this course for?

Students of Finance

Finance professionals

Finance beginners

Amateur finance


Learners already in!


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I received my certificate, and I would like to thank you for your support. Your course was challenging, but you were always there supporting me and ready to help. I enjoyed your class tremendously. I look forward to taking another class with you.

Shubhangi Yadav

Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people via the Internet was good. The instructor did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement. A lot of online courses fail because of the isolation but this is very good and I think it’s a very solid course. I learned a lot and saved a lot of money.

Yumlum Moji

You prepare people to carry out skills in the real world. Keep up the good work. What I have learned in this course, I will be able to apply in the real world. It saved me a lot of time and effort by providing all the relevant education. Perfect combo for finance that I could get. Gained a lot of confidence after completing the bundle. Finance was never this interesting!

Aveepsa Chokrobarty

We know you have tried various methods, and you have been successful with some parts of this. But learning a whole new subject comes with its set of challenges

This bundle is your solution to get all your answers

To get to your goals, you need to get started today!

Take the Most Defining Step Towards your Career
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