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Master the Art of Financial Modeling & Valuations
(Even if you are a Beginner)

Open Career Opportunities in Investment banking, PE/VC, Equity Research, Consulting and more.
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How the market works, prices move
How the market works, prices move
How the market works, prices move
How the market works, prices move
How the market works, prices move
How the market works, prices move
Enables you to make a Complete Model from Scratch
Structured & In-depth so it is Beginner Friendly
Makes you Industry Ready for Core Finance Roles
Certified Course + Projects Boosts your Finance Career
Higher Probability of Cracking Interviews with best Skills
Don’t know which exact skills you need to get there
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You are not sure what is the recruiter looking for
You lack a grip over of technical finance acumen

Are you a Trying to build a Strong Career in Finance BUT,

Financial Modeling & Valuations is the #1 Skill in Finance to Set you a Cut above the Rest

Student who looking for jobs/internships in finance
Young Professional trying to prove your skills in your new finance job

Then this is the course for you!

Your Future Career is a
Result of Decisions you take Today

I Want to Learn Financial Modelling
Structured Guidance
Time Consuming + Overwhelming Process
Right Knowledge + Right Practice
Give up
Dream Job
Honestly, making a career in finance is not as daunting as it looks if you
Learn the Right Skills & Take the Right Decisions

Introducing ZEBRALEARN’s
Financial Modeling & Valuations Course

Start from basics, build models from scratch, upgrade your Resume, Grab Opportunities
All in One Complete Course
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What’s So Special About this Course

Focus on practicals as

We Build Real Model with Real Companies from Scratch

We build a complete financial model along with you in the course, completely from scratch, so you get to learn every nook and detail. This one’s not theory, this is Core Practical
By the end of this course,

You can build Complete Models Independently

We will cover a lot here, getting historical data, making assumptions for the future, building projections, valuing the Companies, You can do it all by yourself
Let's get into the details as we

Project Every Item from Financial Statement

We pick the balance sheet and Profit and Loss statement, and project every single line item, even the smallest one, so that you have a strong model. Just check out revenue projections
Learn industry standard ways and

Master Valuations Using 2 Methods

Work on Valuations of Public & Private Companies using Absolute (DCF) & Relative Valuation
More than just numbers, covers the

Logic behind Every Single Number

It's a waste of time and resources if you don’t understand the logic, reason and the consequences of every single number in a financial model. Sad part is, not every course covers this. Know the Why

Let us Take a Complete Deep Dive in the Curriculum

1. Basic Concepts of Modeling
2. Fundamentals of Financial Modeling
3. Analysis Required for Models
4. Raw Financials for a Model
5. Forecasting of Financial Models
6. Working with Working capital
7. How to Value a Company (Absolute Valuation)
8. How to Value a Company (Relative Valuation)


This entire course is structured like a Guided course where the course will start from absolute 0 and build everything layer by layer. We will also be giving you downloadables so you can work alongside the course and build the complete model. After the course, you need to practice the same using other companies. Our Focus is on DOING
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Career Opportunities You can Grab

Equity Research
Private Equity /
Venture Capital
Consulting /

And, How do you
Impress your Recruiter?

We got you all Covered. Its a Certified Course in Financial Modeling & Valuations

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Your Employer will want you to work
on Real Projects from Day 1

Yes, the job of an investment banker or a financial analyst is way too demanding. There is no room for learning things and struggling to find answers. You can’t be underprepared. This course teaches you the EXACT methods and tools that are used in the industry, so that you are ready to work on Real projects from Day 1 itself.
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After the Course, you will be able to:

Build P&L statements from a raw data extraction
Create models with multiple scenarios
Build Full-fledged Projections from scratch
Understand Annual Reports in and out
Gain an in-depth understanding of the mechanics of valuation
Learn how to create professionally formatted files
Be prepared from day 1 when you start your Job

But why Financial Modeling?

Avg Rating
Higher Retention
Backing Us

45k+ Finance Roles on Linkedin that require Financial Modeling as a prerequisite. Check this out!

This 1 skill gives you an entry into most growing Financial fields. So if you are someone trying to make it to a core finance roles, you can’t miss this!

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But Wait! There’s More to It!

Get Downloadable Templates &
Financial Models to Work on

So if you get stuck during the session, you have these to your rescue! And,
you can also use it as reference to build your own Model

Imagine all this at just one place
Everything so Well-structured, that it feels like learning ABC!

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Jenny Wilson
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Massa, elementum nec sed sit magna sed.”
Jenny Wilson

100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 24-Hour Refund Policy. If you don’t like the course, we will simply transfer all your money back, absolutely no questions asked. Go for it, its Risk-free now!

An Investment in this course will pay the best interest in terms of Career Growth.

Just go ahead and take this course. In today’s competitive world, this is what will set you apart. If you don’t grab this opportunity, someone else will.
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