Futures and Options Blueprint

Unlock the Profit Potential of Futures & Options Trading: The Complete Guide to Maximizing Returns & Minimising Risks

Trade Confidently with Tried & Tested Futures & Options Strategies
Decode Forwards, Futures, Calls, Puts & build your foundation
15+ Futures & Options Strategies to take better trades
Understand Option-Payoff Charts with 100% Clarity
Take decisions based on Open Interest & Option Chains
Learn to Value Options, find entry & exit prices, & reduce risk
Master Option Greeks and & understand how your position prices are affected
You hear people make 5-figure and 6-figure profits, but you are
still sitting on the fence!

Here's what might be stopping you from taking profitable trades

let’s face it
Most people go wrong when they

Trade without understanding how market works
Rely on unreliable or forwarded tips
Don’t hedge their trades correctly
Indulge into over-trading, revenge-trading
Take decisions emotionally
Basically, they make emotional decisions in a logic-based market.
That’s where you start losing your capital

Futures & Options is a place where people have made and lost millions speculating.
For every trade, there is someone on both sides

You just need to be on the winning side 51% of the time to win in the market
So how do you land yourself on the winning side?
Answer - Futures & Options Blueprint

Strategies will make you avoid emotional decisions.
#1 Reason for losing in Futures & Options

Your trades are well-calculated and risk is at the lowest.
That’s what you need to win in the Futures & Options market

Introducing Futures & Options Blueprint

How Futures & Options Work
How to Buy & Sell Futures & Options
How to trade using Futures & Options
How to limit your risk

Let's take a Closer Look Inside the Book

Level 1
Mastering Futures & Options
This is the foundation of Futures, Forwards, and Option. Trading without understanding contracts is where most traders go wrong
Forwards & Futures
What is a Forward & Future Contract
Forwards vs Futures
What happens on the Settlement date
How Price Movements Affect Contracts
How to look at Premium/Discount
What are Margins - Initial, maintenance
What is Bid-Ask Spread, Volatility
How a Future Contract Works
What is Marked to Market
Types of Futures - Index & Stock Futures
Why is Spot Price different than Future Price
Backwardation & Contango
What are Call, Put Options
Strike Price, Exercise Price, Premium
What is Bid-Ask spread, Lot size?
How Does an Option Work?
Buyer’s & Seller’s Perspective
How Price Movements Affect Premiums?
What is Moneyness - ITM, OTM, ATM
Options Payoff Charts & how to use
What is Put Call Parity & PCR?
What is Open Interest & Volume?
How to use Option Chains?
How Does Option Pricing Work?
What are Option Greeks?
Level 2
Mastering Futures & Options Strategies
This is where the fun part begins. Here you understand how to use different trading strategies using Futures & Options + Risk Management
Option Strategies
Protective Put Strategy
Synthetic Put Strategy
Covered Call Strategy
Straddle Option Strategy
Payoff Charts for Long Straddle
Payoff Charts for short Straddle
Collar Option Strategy
Spread Strategies
Bull Call Spread Strategy
Bear Call Spread Strategy
Bear Put Spread Strategy
Bull Put Spread Strategy
Strangle Strategy
Butterfly Spread Strategy

This is the Complete Curriculum

1. What are Derivatives?
2. Fundamentals of Forward Contracts
3. Fundamentals of Futures Contracts
4. Comparison of forwards and futures contracts
5. Fundamentals of Option Contracts
6. Basics of Options Payoff Charts
7. Put Call Parity
8. Open Interest and Volume
9. Option Pricing
10. Option Strategies
11. Vertical Spread Option Strategies
12. Risk Management

Now, it's time to Look Inside

We design  and simplify every single page of the book so that its extremely digestible and understandable

Why do Pro-Traders Preach the Futures & Options Market?

How can you go from a Trader to a Pro-Trader!

Most ordinary traders just buy random Futures & Options contracts based on tips from so-called experts.
That’s where they lose to the Pro-Traders

The Pro-Traders use “Strategies”

A full-fledged strategy that tells you when to buy, when to sell, what should be the strike price,
expiry date and how to hedge your position.
Only those with a Solid Strategy stay in the market for long

And if you want to transition to a Pro-Trader, this is what you can’t miss

At-least 70% of Traders don’t last the 1st year
And 95% stop trading by the 3rd year

But we know why this is happening, and that’s why we built this book
This book is a calling for you to be in the winning 5%
We want you to be a Pro-trader & reach all your goals

What will you be able to do after reading this book

Understand all different futures, options traded in the market
Different factors affecting Futures & Options and how you can use in your benefit
Read Option-payoff charts correctly, and take decisions
Learn, Build and Use Trading Strategies for FnO Trading
Trade in Nifty futures, Stock Futures & Options

See what the Trading Cult Says About the Book

We just made Futures & Options trading so easy that you will be hooked to this book!

Don’t believe me? Give it a try yourself!

Why did we decide to Publish this book?

In 2021, we published our book Trading Mastermind that talks about spot market trading. This book became #2 BestSeller on Amazon in no time

Trading is already complicated. We didn’t want to make the learning also complicated.

That’s when we decided to work on this book. We have written this book with all the love specially to make the life of a trader easy!

It’s Your Time to Win the Markets 👑

Honestly, there is no Success Mantra we can give you to succeed in the market.
We have given our 100% in writing this book with the dream of being able to
support the Traders.

It’s time that you take action, believe in yourself and take the Plunge!
Start your journey 🚀
You will thank us Later! 🙏

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