62 Confessions of a Modern Marketing Strategist to Amplify Business Growth

A first-of-its-kind Cartoon Book that revolutionizes your approach to marketing and innovation.
Written by Rajesh Srinivasan
The Mindful Marketer | 2X Author | Tedx Speaker

Q: Have you ever wondered what's been holding you back from becoming a remarkable marketing strategist?

A: Excessive focus on tools and tactics over principles.
Many entrepreneurs and marketers fall prey to Shiny Object Syndrome, getting easily distracted by new tools, technologies and campaigns instead of focusing on well-defined strategies.
Join the Mindful Marketing® Revolution
  • Bring back the focus on principles and enhance your strategic acumen.
    Drive long-term business growth and strengthen your brand.
Marketer + ? = Successful marketing
Strong decision-making!

How does one start taking solid decisions?

Mindful Marketing

Even one idea from the book could reshape your perspective on brand building and innovation forever.
Readers to date

Mindful Marketing is a first-of-its-kind cartoon-based book that addresses the real challenges entrepreneurs and marketers face and offers solutions in a humorous and sarcastic way.

The book draws inspiration from real-life business lessons of a leading marketing strategist, presenting them through witty comics, easily understandable cartoons, and frameworks.

No marketer should approach a business challenge without first-principles thinking.
- Rajesh Srinivasan

The 7 chapters explore 7 roles you can play as a MindfulMarketer

Get in-depth clarity and stand out as a Master Strategist!
Mindful Business Strategist
Allows a marketer to develop a holistic business solution.
Imporved decision making
Higher adaptability
Develop customer centric vision
Mindful Brand Strategist
to build an authentic brand.
Helps developing authentic brand identity
Supports brand reputation management
Ensuring sustainable growth
Mindful marketing strategist
Trains a marketer with the art of strategic thinking
Builds sound customer understanding
Support data-driven decision making
Integrate ethical marketing
Mindful Technology and Media Strategist
Enables a marketer create innovative media strategy
Using tech for marketing advancement
Initiating digital transformation
Creating audience awareness
Mindful Customer Strategist
Allows a marketer to put themselves in the customer's shoes.
To bring consumer insights at the centre of marketing
Building strong market research
Understanding consumer behavior
Mindful Loyalty and Engagement Builder
Prepares a marketer to capture the hearts of their customers.
Focusing on community building
decoding consumer-employee relationships
Incorporating ROI and performance measurement
Mindful Culture builder and Tactician
Empowers a marketer to foster a harmonious workplace.
Building a positive workplace
Ensure effective communication
Manage conflict resolution

Here is a sneak peek

We too believe in the magic of Show and Tell!

Introducing, The Mindful Marketer® himself!

A renowned marketing strategist on his way to revolutionizing marketing and
brand strategy, one quirky cartoon and marketing framework at a time!
Rajesh Srinivasan
TEDx speaker
Author of two well-appreciated marketing books
Renowned keynote speaker
Coach of 300+ CEOs, Entreprenuers and Marketing Leaders
Trusted by industry-leading brands
Featured in Economic Times, Entreprenuer India, World Marketing Congress and Confideration of Indian Industry (CII)
years of marketing and brand building experience
keynotes and mastermind sessions delivered
industries consulted

The author’s one-of-a-kind approach to marketing strategies has bore fruit to many and they have a story to tell!

reviews mention the term “a fresh take”
readers found the book “Practically useful”
reviews have the phrase “gained new perspectives”

Our readers have derived a lot of benefits from Mindful Marketing!

1: Cartoon-based book
Benefit: Fresh approach to marketing strategies
2: Focused on well-defined strategies
Benefit: Attention to fundamentals of business growth and strategy
3: Based on real-life experiences
Benefit: Practical application
4: Time-tested frameworks
Benefit: Immediate positive results
5: Written by a leading marketing strategist
Benefit: Learn from his real time experiences and successes.

Who is this book for?

Entreprenuers and CXOs
who wants to improve their stratetic thinking abilities, grow their businesses and build strong brands.
Marketing Professionals
who aim to elevate their game and stand out using first principles and contemporarythinking.
Anyone who wishes to deep dive into the field of modern marketing and brand management

Still, thinking of letting this go? Think again!

Learning from the experiences of a leading marketing strategist is just a click away!

Why should you become a Mindful Marketer?

Learn to look at the challenges through a different lens
Develop a deep understanding of modern marketing
Understand time-tested principles
Become a strategic thinker without trend-surfing
Incorporate a creative & innovative thought process

The cartoons in Mindful Marketing aren’t just doodles!
These cartoons are concentrated summaries of
valuable marketing lessons.

Lessons that are loved by more than 2 million people and are used in the industry to train professionals!

The frameworks aren’t any ordinary flowcharts

The cartoons aren’t just doodles!They are concentrated summaries of
valuable marketing lessons. 100% Practical. How?

These are built over practical examples from the brands like Maruti Suzuki, Colgate, Patanjali, kellog’s, Cadbury, Honda, Tesla, Pepsi, Fair & Lovely, Tata Tea, Toyota, and Nestle.

Mindful Marketing is akin to a Street-MBA

Here’s the whole curriculum to help you take the RIGHT decision FASTER!
1. Be a Mindful Business Strategist
2. Be a Mindful Brand Strategist
3. Be a Mindful Marketing Strategist
4. Be a Mindful Technology and Media Strategist
5. Be a Mindful Customer Strategist
6. Be a Mindful Loyalty and Engagement Builder
7. Be a Mindful Business Strategist

How the book came to life is another reason for you to take the Mindful Marketing route!

Every marketing challenge is
Unique to every industry
Company’s current stage
Competitive environment
Customer behavior
And, the frameworks and concepts in Mindful Marketing will help you differentiate & choose the right approach!

These cartoons, frameworks, and concepts have been loved by thousands of people from all over!

Here’s what some have said!
Raaghav Belavadi
Founder & CEO – Hyper Luxury
"In this book, Rajesh has delineated the fundamental components of Branding and Marketingin an interesting way. As someone immersed in the world of branding, I frequently refer tosuch frameworks to gain a profound insight into marketing strategies. This book serves as acomprehensive guide, catering to beginners and seasoned professionals alike, encouragingthem to pause and reevaluate their approaches, irrespective of their industry.”
Nirupa Fernandez
Regional Head of Marketing (Asia Pacific) Cultural Engagement – British Council
The Mindful marketing is a well thought through compilation of cartoons that bring to life various aspects, challenges, and controversies of modern marketing. It provides snippets of wisdom in the complex and constantly evolving space of marketing. The content very much lives up to the name of the book, exceeding expectations and making this a must read for all marketers and a great one for anyone who wants to understand how to make marketing work. I loved it.
Dilpreet Singh
Head - Loyalty & CRM – ITC Hotels
"Rajesh’s deep domain knowledge shines through every page in his new book, offering a masterclassin the intricacies of the field. The integration of witty cartoons not only adds a delightful touch butalso serves as a clever way to depict the ever-evolving landscape of marketing and it also makes youglued to the content.This book is indeed a treasure of insights, revealing Rajesh’s unparalleled creativity and ability toconvey complex concepts with simplicity. A must-read for anyone seeking to navigate the dynamicworld of marketing – rather MINDFUL MARKETING!"

Are you still trying to weigh the benefits of the book?

Tell us, how do you decide on the value for
Learning from the mistakes and experiences of a leading marketing strategist!

The Mindful Marketing’s Fanbase is growing rapidly!

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