Money Smart

Are You Concerned About The Money Lying In Your Bank Account & Don’t Know Where To Invest?

Finally...A PROVEN, Step-By-Step System To Build A Financial Plan From Scratch In 2024, That Lets Your Money Work For You

Learn Everything You Need to Know, Even if you have Never Taken an Investing Class

Let go of your Fear of the Investing World

Stop Paying Extra Premium for Insurance

Get Started Irrespective of your Current Income

Manage your Loans and Become Debt-free

No Need to Rely on Financial Advisors

Choose the Most Appropriate Mutual Funds for your Specific Goals​

Build a Complete Financial Plan, all on your Own

Know all the Tax Benefits you can Avail

Here Is What Our Readers Say About The Book

Let’s FACE IT,

When it Comes to Investing World, You.....

Get Confused with Financial Jargons

Don’t know How to Get Started

Don’t Know Which Investment is Suitable

Lack Confidence While Investing

Get Overwhelmed with Tax Planning

Are Misled By Advisors & Internet Gurus

Often We Escape This And Let Our Money Sit In Fixed Deposits. Or We Might Have A Few Random Investments Here & There that Serve No Purpose at All

Let me Ask you a Question….

1 - How many times have you dreamt of buying something in the future, buying a house, or a car, or planning for your retirement, but you couldn’t figure out how to plan for it, and you almost gave up on your future plans with a disheartened heart?

2 - How many times have to tried to search on Internet about how to invest in Mutual Funds, Insurances, Fixed Deposit and tried to figure out the most suitable one, but just got overwhelmed and screamed in your head, someone help please?

The #1 Reason

why most people fail to manage their own hard-earned money is because they do not make a rock-solid Financial plan for each of their GOALS. The most important part of this book is to create a Systematic Easy-to-Follow Financial Plan that suits your exact needs!

How do we Ensure Your Exact Needs?
By Creating a Personal Financial Profile for You!

Whenever you visit a Doctor, for the first 15 minutes they take your history, i.e. sleeping habits, eating habits, family diseases & disorders. In the next 5 minutes, they prescribe you a medicine. Essentially, the doctor creates your Health PROFILE before giving his Advice. So does a Lawyer, House Planner, and a Dietician!

That is the Power of PROFILING!

Money Management is also the same! You need to know your current Financial Situation to be able to select the most appropriate investment option. Even financial advisors use this!

Your Financial Profile Will Guide You And Tell You Which Investment Is The Most Suitable For You. Learn To Build A Complete Profile With This Book!

We Are Proud To Introduce To You The Most Powerful & Actionable Book On Money Management

Learn Everything You Need to Know, Even if you have Never Taken an Investing Class

Money Smart in Your 20s & 30s will Help You Take Control Of Your Financial Future

Let Us Dig Deeper And Check What You Are Going To Learn Inside

Lazy Financial Canvas

Build a Complete Profile that Shows your True Financial Status

Profile based on your Exact Needs & Circumstances

Use the Expert-Recommended RRTTLLU Model for Profiling

Merge Business Accounts with Personal Money Management

Battling Risk

No More Guessing, use the Most Objective Method to Understand your Risk

Use our GETAI Model, just Answer 10-easy Yes/No Questions to know your risk appetite

Road Blocks

What to do when you have an Unsupportive Family?

What should you do when you are Scared of Financial Markets?

Get Answers to all 6 major obstacles to money management

The Asset Maze

Decode Investment options like FD, Equity, Bonds, Real Estate, Provident Funds, Gold, Mutual Funds and many more

Which Investment is suitable for you?

When to buy? When to sell?

How to Plan Taxes While Investing

The Journal of Mutual Funds

Learn about different Mutual Funds Category

How to Select the Best Mutual Fund within the Category

Discover an Underrated but Very Effective Tool for Selecting Mutual Funds

The Insurance Handbook

Learn about Health Insurance, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Accident Cover

Find the Most Suitable Insurance Policy for your exact needs

Choose between Term Plans and Endowments plans

Checklist of all Terms that you need to verify before buying insurance

Use this Hack to Reduce premium payments

Lazy Financial Masterplan

Learn to Build an Automated Money System

Manage your Day-to-day expenses as well as investments using Just 1 Plan

How to build an Emergency Fund that protects you in Life

Goal-Oriented Investing plan that Helps you Meet Every Goal

One thing you can be Assured of is after reading his book, you will be able to Decode Complexities of any Financial Product Even in Deep Sleep!

We Are On A Mission To Train 100,000 People Who Really Care About Their Hard Earned Money In The Most Easy And Fun Way! Now The Question Is, Are You One Of Those 100,000 Serious People?

We know you’re thinking, ‘I don’t want to read another Boring Book’

Let me give you a sneak peek inside, we have explained everything Pictorially because we want you to enjoy the learning journey! Plus, the language is completely Jargon Free which helps you comprehend everything

Let Us Dig Deeper And Check What We Are Going To Learn Inside


Lazy Financial Canvas

Personal Income Statement

Personal Balance Sheet

Business Income and Assets

RRTTLLU principle

Return Goals

Time Horizon

Taxes and its Implications

Liquidity Needs

Legal and Regulatory Constraints

Unique Circumstances

Insurance Needs – Life

Insurance Needs – Health

Insurance Needs – Others


Risk Taking Ability

GETAI principle

Risk Taking Willingness

Risk Scoring using GETAI



Impact of Business Ownership

Family Not Supporting

Fear Factor

Impact of Social Pressure

Role of ‘Black Money’


Fixed Deposits

National Pension Scheme

Direct Equity


Fixed Income Assets


Real Estate and REITs

Futures and Options




How they work?

How to Select? (Video)

Terms to Know

Factors to consider

Categories of Mutual Funds

How to Buy?


Health Insurance

Business Insurance

Life Insurance

How to Select each? (Video)

Accident Cover

Factors to Know

Property Insurance


Financial Management Pyramid

Growth System

Day to Day Cash Management System

Managing Debt

Emergency System

Tax Planning

Insurance System

Goal-wise Asset Allocation

Here are The Benefits you are Going to Derive by Taking Up this Book!

Develop the Money Habit and Master the Most Important Life Skill

Uncover the Power of Compounding and How you can Use it too

Learn to Make an Automated Plan – Spend only an Hour a Month

Understand Almost all Investment Options Available and know if it Suits You

Develop an End-to-End Financial Plan that helps you Reach all your Goals

The Most Important Benefit is the MONEY HABIT that you will build early on! Money Management is all about Discipline and Habit Building. Once you get into incorrect money habits, it becomes extremely difficult to unlearn it!

We are not finished yet!

You’re getting this amazing package for just Rs 990/-. But let us sweeten the pot: If you act now, we’ll throw in our brand new 4+ hour video training, ‘How to Choose your Mutual Funds & Insurance’  absolutely free!!

It is an end-to-end video walk-through, you simply need to input your criteria using your profile and get follow the steps in the video to discover the EXACT NAME of the Mutual Fund & Insurance Policy meant for you. Let your money grow like a snowball while you enjoy your time with your family!

But That’s not All, we have more for you

Real Life Examples Video Library

Get access to our Exclusive Video Library of 20+ Real Life Examples absolutely FREE!

Learn From People similar to your age, your background, your goals, your problems. They make their profile, select their assets and make a complete profile in front of you!

300+ Questions to Test Yourself

Get Access to our Question Bank with 300+ Questions absolutely FREE!

We want to ensure that you understand all the concepts crystal clear. So we have designed these easy & fun quizzes that let you solidify everything you learn.

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Imagine this Right Now, how would you feel when you see your money growing consistently that helps you Meet all Your Financial Goals?

Buy your dream house, get debt-free, go on that foreign trip, plan for retirement, plan your family’s future!

Great, Isn’t It?
All because you decided TODAY that its time for you to take ACTION.

Just Do it!
To Your Financial Freedom Team Zebra


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