MS Excel for Finance

Are you struggling to get started in the field of finance?

Master MS Excel, learn 100+ tools and functions,
even if you are an absolute beginner

63% of finance executives miss out on big opportunities just because they don’t know how to use MS Excel proficiently

Want to excel in finance for better job
opportunities but do not know MS Excel?

Then this is the course for you!


formulas & functions


Career Opportunities


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We know how it is to feel handicaped everytime you are asked to work on a complicated data!

Even Recruiters fail to find good talent, because however strong your financial concepts are, if you do not have the skill of MS Excel, you cannot:

Analyse Large data sets

Analyse various charts & plottings

Perform Complex modelling

Outline financial results

Create budgets, forecasts and plans

Visualise data

Perform Data Automation

Calculate valuation of a business

Identify financial trends

After learning this course, you will be able to

Convert Raw Data Into
Interactive Dashboards

So Basically, Excel is the key to get started with finance

Get started Today to build unbeatable Confidence in yourself.
Nail it Every Single Time!


Introduction to excel with all the basics

Get your hands on the core of excel, start from
the basics

Functions for arithmetic and formulas to for saving time during big projects

Learn Charts for analysis to get sooner results!

Functions and Formulas of Excel

Arithmetic, Freeze and conditional functions to make all the calculations easier

Logical & Text, Lookups and financial functions

Pivot Table and its wonders

Creating the table to keep the data organised in the table

Analysing the pivot table and all types of pivot charts

Conditional formatting of the charts to make it more informative and easier to understand.

Data Visualisation to master Pivot Table

Creating elements in the spreadsheet like Inserting charts and graphs to understand the stats better

Mastering the formatting and visualisation of the table

Financial Templates

Setup of the templates for your own convenience

Financial Modelling and Analysis core skill

DCF model template and Mortgage loan payment template]

Summing up Excel

Ribbon tabs

Data review & view

Concluding the session

Who is this course for?

Commerce Students

Finance & Business freshers

Young Finance Professionals

Finance Professionals looking to Upskill

Companies won't hire you if you don't have the execution skills

So, don’t miss out on big opportunities!


Benefits of taking up the MS Excel course

Crack interviews of Most rewarding finance profiles

Open career opportunities in investment banking, equity research, wealth management and more

Get Promoted using your MS Excel skills

Develop a base for financial modelling and analysis

Build Interactive Dashboards to Simplify data


This Excel for Finance Course is very unique, simple and easy to understand and I’m damn sure it will be very helpful in my career. This course is particularly for a person who wants to learn financial functions practically. I definitely recommend this course to my friends.

Tarini Nandvani

Excel sheets provided are very helpful in practising the functions at the end of each module. Add a pdf document consisting of all the Financial Functions that had been taught in the Excel for Finance Course.It is very educational and I enjoyed every bit of it and recommend this course 100%.

Yatharath Jain

This was a very informative course on financial functions in Excel that introduces formulas to determine Future Value, Present Value, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, NPER, Interest Rate, Multiple and Discounted Cash Flows, Rate of Return, PMT, and Bond Valuation among other Excel features. I appreciated the instructor’s pace as well as the inclusion of multiple practice exercises.

Rishi Shrivastava

Build your foundation in finance with MS Excel. With just one skill you can get ahead of the job competition

If you don't start it now thinking that we don't wanna do a job right now and learn more theories for further education, you will be wasting double time!



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