Hey Stock Market Enthusiasts

Level-up your Stock Market Returns by investing in the growing Stocks,
at the right price, at the right time

No more relying on tips from brokers & friends

There's no denying it, stock market investing is hard.

Here’s what you may be thinking

You simply invest in a stock if you hear about it 5 times. Then you end up with losses!

Stock investments require months of research by professionals
But, for your hard-earned money, are Tips + 15 mins research sufficient?

With 7000 stocks and 100s of factors affecting each, investing in the stock market can be tricky
Experts making Calculated Investments
Tips + 15 mins research

The problem is you do not have a Core Investing System
You are simply relying on tips & hoping you will get it right this time

That’s why we are launching
A step-by-step guide to make smart investments

So how to Invest Confidently?
Solution - A step-by-step Investing System

A system a complete process that helps you identify fundamentally strong stocks, what price to enter in, when to buy and a lot more
Pick the right stocks with Confidence
Invest in safe, suitable & reliable stocks, avoid risks
Know when to buy, how much to buy and at what price
How to read Annual Report & Financials of a Company
Build a high return diversified portfolio of stocks
Identify red flags before making an investment
How to pick stocks that
grow 10x
Stop relying on tips from
brokers & friends

Introducing Zebralearn's Stock Investing Mastermind

A Complete guide that you can TRUST
Covers it all to take you from beginner to Pro
Visually designed to explain in the easiest way
Focused on Indian Stock Markets

Let’s take a Closer Look

Create an actionable

Investment Strategy to invest at the Right time, Right Price

30 years back, Wipro, Infosys & Asian Paints were not so popular, they were less talked about
Investors who Identified these multibaggers have grown 100X
Identifying Multibaggers will always be your #1 strategy to win the markets
80% of your research will be done if you

Learn to Read Annual Reports & Financial Statements of the Company

Know the strengths & weaknesses of the company
Find red flags before you invest
Evaluate if there is a REAL potential in the stock
Create a full-proof strategy

Find the Right Price, Right time & Right Quantity to buy

How to find the TRUE value of any stock (3 methods)
When to buy, hold or sell, don’t be an emotional investor
Don’t buy too much (risky) or too less (less rewarding)
5 things you should ensure that

Make Your Portfolio Grow by 10X

Things that you should consider before every investment (Can’t guarantee you results, but ensure the highest probability of success)
Simple parameters, you might already know about, but didn’t know they were so important

Let's check out the detailed curriculum of the Book

1. Stock Market 101
2. How to Generate Investment Ideas – Art of Company Selection
3. Evaluating Companies – Numbers & Story Side
4. Valuation of Stocks
5. When to Buy & When to Sell
6. Market Cycles & Business Cycles
7. Managing a Portfolio
8. How to grow your money?

Exhaustive & Easy-to-follow to take you from Beginner to Advanced

Even if you don’t come from Commerce Background
are the basics of Stock Market.
are the terminologies that work here.
system you need in place before you start investing your money
to look for in a company before you put your money into it
you can find the right companies
to look for the information before narrowing down the company
to NOT look when making a decision
To pick a right stock out 7462 stocks listed in the market
To analyse and research these companies
To read annual reports, balance sheets, and financial numbers
To find the correct value of the company, and
build a growing portfolio that brings profit
To buy and sell your stocks to gain maximum benefit.

Take a Sneak-Peek Inside the Book

Stock Market Couldn’t be Made simpler than this!
We Illustrate & Design Every Single Page to explain everything in the Simplest Manner
That’s why even Beginners find it easy to follow!

Who is this for

Whether you come with a finance background or not
This book is the EXACT place you should start with
Student who want to build a Career in Finance / Stock Markets
Working Professionals who want to invest in Stock Market
Nobody can give you a success formula that makes you rich overnight.
Stock market investing is all about Patience Investing Is Actually Very Simple Once You Learn How To Do It  In A Systematic Manner.

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But Why Should You Pick Our Book?

We started 1.5 years back with just 2 books, not knowing what’s next.
Since then, our book has ranked #4 in Amazon Books Category - Investments & Securities,
10,000+ learners believed in us, 50+ Industry Leaders joined Us!
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Massa, elementum nec sed sit magna sed.”
Jenny Wilson
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Jenny Wilson
“Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Massa, elementum nec sed sit magna sed.”
Jenny Wilson
That’s when we knew it was right time to launch our most awaited book
That aims to make you an Independent Investor

But Wait, We are not Done Yet!
Bonus: 101-Point Investing Checklist

Selecting the right company can be a daunting task! Because the right pick makes huge difference in your returns.There are tonns of things to consider before you pin-point your final stock.Having this checklist in hand will make your doubt-free about your decision.

100% Money Back Gaurantee

In case you don't like your purchase, we offer a
No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee on the digital copy within first 24 hours

101 Point Checklist

See if your stock is worth Investing by ticking-off all the 101 points that matter in selecting the best company
Stock market has always been the most-rewarding investment option in India.
To be a part of this, you just need to educate yourself about the right method & mindset

Knowing & Then Investing is always better than
Losing & Then Knowing

Grab this book today and Mark your way up in the Markets!
That’s all you need to get started!

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