To Aspiring & New Entrepreneurs,

A Complete Guide to Identifying Attractive Industries to Build Businesses in

Tools used by top 1% entrepreneurs
Complete guide to identify attractive industries to build businesses in
Increase your chances of being in right industries at right time
Understand nitty-gritties of your Industry for better decision making
Use research-backed insights to convince your investors, employees, customers about your vision

What’s the biggest problem you face when you want to start your own business?

You might have your next big ideas
But you are still figuring out…
95% of Entrepreneurs don't even know what are the relevant parameters to evaluate their business

They Rely more on Gut Feeling than on Actual Facts

They directly jump into execution & then take incorrect decisions. So why is this a scary situation?
I Want to Build a Successful Business
Rely on Gut Feeling
Rely on research backed data
Incorrect Decisions
Right Decisions
Give up
Going Strong
Most entrepreneurs are great at executing anything. They are the Go-Getters But, they end up failing because of the wrong Industry

So, How do we ensure that you are in the RIGHT industry?

Answer: Industry Research & Analysis

Do you know why most Investment Bankers, Financial Analysts & Consultants Are Great as Entrepreneurs

Jeff Bezos

Founder, Amazon

Ex-investment banker

Ashneer Grover

Co-Founder, BharatPe

Ex-investment banker

Falguni Nayyar

Founder, Nykaa

Ex-investment banker

Peter Thiel

Co-Founder, Paypal

Ex-investment banker

That’s because of this 1 skill that they have & other don't - Industry Analysis. They can decode and break down any industry and find out all major red flags before entering into one!
That's the Power of Industry Analysis
This book is EXACTLY about this.
It makes you go from someone with a few random ideas to someone with 100% clarity of what he needs to do next

Introducing “The Industry Handbook” That helps you pick, analyze & and build a winning business

With all the tools you need to systematically design and implement a Powerful Business

Let’s dig deeper
How does this book help in evaluating businesses?

Study the target audience &

Craft a product/service your Customers want to buy

Identify the pains, gains, desires of your customer
How to establish a product-market fit in your industry
Check strength of any idea/product using ‘value proposition map’
How did Swiggy, Byju's crack their products
Most textile firms struggle & IT firms thrive because

Industry structures guide their success! Decode It

Who is more powerful in the industry - buyer / supplier?
Which player gets the maximum profits?
How big can it become? What is the current market size?
How stable is the business? Any disruption risks?
Pricing power, demand & supply, risks, key risks?
Which industry is inherently more Profitable?

Analyze financial metrics & pick winning businesses

Which business has the highest Return on Investment
How capital heavy or light is the business?
Margins, scalability, capex, cashflow?
Is debt a good option for the industry?
What should you do to

Survive the Competition in the Industry

How Coca Cola, Zara, Netflix competitively positioned themselves
How to build a competitive advantage
How to differentiate your product / service innovatively
How to price your product in competitive industry

Have a Look at the Complete Curriculum of the Book

1. Value Proposition - Understanding Customer-Product fit
2. Understanding Customers’ Needs & Expectations
3. First Tier: Understanding Industry Structure
4. Second Tier: Size, Stability, and Profitability of the Industry
5. Third Tier: Profit Forces affecting the Industry
6. Fourth Tier: Industry Profitability, Growth, and Investment Needs
7. Evolution of the Industry
8. Trends and Practices
9. Risks and Growth Potential
10. Industry Sheet, Qualitatives, and Conclusion
It makes you go from someone with a few random ideas to someone with 100% clarity of what he needs to do next

What makes this book Actionable

We have introduced Industry Sheets, which gives a systematic process to understand the industry. What’s more? We have implemented this system in 3 industries.
Indian Private Dairy Industry
Indian Premier League Franchises
Indian Express Logistics Industry
This is not a theory-book, it gives you actionable frameworks that you should use to find your answers

Honestly, there is no success mantra for building a business

It is a result of the decisions we make at every step. All good decisions are a result of data-backed insights & thesis. That’s what this book is about.

Take a step today so you take the right decisions, at the right time, in the right industry

Who is this for?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs
who may be students or professionals & want to start their business
who are already running their business & want to take better decisions, identify red flags, find growth drivers
Opportunity Finders
who have 3-4 business ideas, but don’t know how to evaluate them, which one will be more successful
Industry Analysis is a Key Success Factor if you are one of the above!

73% of entrepreneurs find it difficult
to evaluate the strength of their idea

This is exactly why we wanted to work on this Book
We have spent 4 years of research to build a systematic framework for industry analysis that anyone can simply use for his business
We know you are extremely passionate about your business and you want to build a successful business. That is why you read so far.

This is your calling to take a step towards your dream. To being a better entrepreneur, who has all the clarity he needs for his business.

Take the step today, buy this book, and you will see that it will pay off the highest returns possible.
What happens after I Purchase?
How much time will you need for this?
What if I have doubts while going through the book?
Is there a refund policy?

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