Trading Mastermind

Want to become a trader but tired of the unprofitable tips?

No more depending on other sources to trade for profits! Learn to create and use tested trading strategies which tell you what to buy, when to buy, when to sell and so on.

Suited for those who want to start trading independently

80+ Real life examples to build a Solid Base in Trading

Learn everything from scratch, to strengthen your trading game

Learn about candlesticks, moving averages, indicators, oscillators & a lot more

Decode the right trading strategy with risk management

Structured knowledge so you save time and money.

Avoid going down the wrong road and say goodbye to these tips from Telegram or CNBC.

Trading on the basis of your guesses, tips from internet and friends will sooner or later lead you to heavy losses.

Start trading in a systematic way with strategy based trading for better and confident trading!

Get this road map to understand the market and its affecting factors. Make your own strategies & create an award winning trading strategy!

You have the will to trade and earn good profits but you are unable to do so because:

All the tips you get, vary from each other

You don’t know whom to trust

Your all day passes by searching for news updates

You keep scrolling Youtube for hours to get the tips

Most of the tips you get aren’t reliable

With so much trading info and tips out there, and everyone is claiming to be a Guru How do you know whom to listen to? or what to read?

Don't worry, here is your all sorted trading plan Reduce your risk factor for lifetime

Begin your trading journey wisely and accurately. Manage your losses and cover them with a strategist journey.

We provide you with the most powerful way of trading.

The exact method used by all the trading professionals who trade without taking stress overnight. With such strategies know the right Price to Buy and Sell Forecast the right Time to Enter and Exit.

Let’s dig deeper into the learning plan

The Technical Trader

For Beginners - Basics of Technical Analysis

Introduction to charts

Tools to Use - get started with what tools & websites to use

The Candlestick Trader

For intermediate - Learn different methods of technical analysis

10+ Patterns - Begin with Candlesticks and its Patterns

Building winning strategies with 30+ Real Life Examples

Moving Averages Explained

For Intermediate - Talk about Moving Averages

Crossovers - Talk about moving averages in three manners

20+ Real Life Examples

Guide to Indicators & Oscillators

For Intermediate - Technical Analysis tool

Indicators and Oscillators

10+ Methods

Strategy Building - Create extremely powerful strategies

Learn ADX, MFI, MACD, Bollinger Trading Strategies

Cheat code to Chart Patterns

Learn chart patterns, triangles, wedges, trendlines and more

Learn all about Price Action based trading Strategies.

Learn to identify support and resistance levels.

30+ Real Life Examples

Pro Trading System

For Advanced - combine multiple tools to create strategies

Strategy Formation - go through the entire process

Idea, Documenting, Back testing, Paper Trade, Use in real markets.

Back Testing - make sure that only winning strategies make it through.

Combine winning strategies with Risk management and asset selection.

Whether you are looking for a career in trading or trading your own account, this book provides a lot of trading secrets in one highly organised format.

Curriculum of Trading Mastermind


Introduction to Technicals

Introduction to Charts

Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis

Websites to check charts

Principles of Technical Analysis


Introduction to Candlesticks

Harami Bull and Bear

Constructing Candlesticks Manually

Dark Cloud Cover


Three Black Crows

Gaps Up and Down

Candlestick Trading Systems

Engulfing Bear

Engulfing Bear


Role of Volume

Three White Soldiers

30+ Examples


Introduction to Moving Averages

Multi- Moving Average Crossover

Types of Moving Average – SMA, EMA and WMA

MA Convergences and Divergences

4DMA, 9DMA, 18DMA, 50 DMA, 200DMA

Guppy Multi-Moving Averages

Two Moving Average Crossover

20+ Examples



Commodity Channel Index

Accumulation and Distribution


Aroon Oscillator

Money Flow Index



Average Directional Index

Support and Resistance Levels

Bollinger Bands

Pyramid Trading


Introduction to Chart Patterns


Head & Shoulders – Straight, Inverted, Slant


Cup & Handle

Trendlines – Introduction

Double Top & Triple Top

Trendlines – Construction

Double Bottom & Triple Bottom

Support and Resistance Levels

20+ Examples

Price Action Strategy


Creating a Strategy

Determining Trading Universe

Ideation for Trading Strategies

Introduction to Risk Management

Manually back-testing Ideas

6 Risk Management Techniques

Elements of good Strategy

Including Risk Management in Strategy

Creating a Trading System

Creating your own strategy

System for different kinds of market

Practice and Path Ahead.

Start strategic trading at your own pace,on your own terms.

Get the edge that traders have always lacked. With strategic trading back testing and live deployment, you can easily be disciplined & manage risk well to become a better trader than before.

The Advanced trading Road map will strengthen your trading game by:

Preventing losing big in trading while maximising gains

Saving time and money from wandering for false tips

No more depending on luck

Knowing your risk factor and trading with risk management

You’ll come away with a crystal-clear vision of your trading game– and how it aligns to your created strategies.

Trading mastermind helps you trade confidently and independently

We know you’re thinking, ‘I don’t want to read another Boring Book’

Let me give you a sneak peek inside, we have explained everything Pictorially because we want you to enjoy the learning journey! Plus, the language is completely Jargon Free which helps you comprehend everything

Better strategy leads to better trade!


You are making a risk-less purchase. If you do not like the book set,
let us know within 24 hours and we shall generate a No-Questions asked Refund!

What Our Readers Say

I will be honest, at first I thought what new will I learn from this as have been trading for 1.5 years. However, when I got to reading and started applying, and back testing strategies, it changed my mindset towards trade. I see how difficult it is to create winning strategies, but how rewarding can it be. A must for beginners!

- Kushal Bansal

Student and Trader

I have been learning from Technical Mastermind. Have already started using Guppy Moving Averages in my journey. Also, learning here, my trading practices have moved more towards forming systems.

- Kuldeep Singh

Individual Trader

Amazing Book and amazing content. I do not really read a lot of books. But the book was so interactive, that could finish a 400 page set. Good learning experience!

- Manish Agarwal

Individual Trader

I am very new to trading, and this was the perfect start that I needed. I am now completely focused on creating my own strategies and am practicing the way as mentioned. Amazing work team!

- Sujit Pawar

Trader (Beginner)

I first started trading in the lock down in April 2020 and since then have gone through countless learning material. I have made money and also lost. I can confidently say that Trading Mastermind is something that is on the top of my shelf. Amazing strategy focused approach. Good work team, will surely recommend to all others.

- M. Gopalakrishnan

Business owner & Trader


of learners are absolute beginners


started Back testing for the first time


stopped Subscriptions for 'tips'


said Trading Systems became 'clean'

Everyday tons of people decide they want to trade. But the hard part is when you are just starting out.

Are you ready to get started with trading more confidently than ever before?

Become a Confident trader by understanding the market and its affecting factors. Beginners often miss out on this trading strategy.

Learn the tools, techniques & strategies you need to succeed at trading - the most challenging game of all.


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