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Explore our Ultimate Finance Bundle for simplified learning of complex finance concepts from our bestselling books : personal finance, stock market investing, financial modeling, startup fundraising – all delivered to your doorstep.
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Stock Market Trading
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Trading Mastermind
Problem : Trading based on your guesses, tips from internet, friends will soon lead you to heavy losses.
End Goal : Learn to build Trading Strategies that are data backed & eliminate luck from trading
Become a Confident trader
Understand the market and its affecting factors.
Learn tools, techniques & strategies
Money Smart
in your 20s & 30s
Problem : Your hard-earned money is lying in your bank account & you don’t know where to invest.
End Goal : A proven, step-by-step system to build a financial plan from scratch that lets your money work for you
Develop the Money Habit and Master the Most Important Life Skill
Learn to Make an Automated Plan – Spend Only an Hour a Month
Understand Almost all Indian Investment Options and know if it Suits You
Develop an End-to-End Financial Plan tailor made to Reach all your Goals
Stock Investing Mastermind
Problem : Complex to find growing stocks out of 7500 listed companies.
End Goal : An end-to-end Investing System to identify fundamentally strong stocks.
Learn to create an actionable investment strategy
Start reading annual reports & financial statements of the company
Find the right price, right time & right quantity to buy
Financial Modeling Handbook
Problem : Stuck in your Finance Career because you lack financial modeling & valuations skills
End Goal : Build Financial Models from Scratch for Real Companies & Real Financials
Avg Salary for roles that require financial Modeling
Jobs on Linkedin with Financial Modeling as a Prerequisite
Recruiters in Finance Industry consider this a must-have skills
Bonus: Complete Video Course Inside
Real-time Model Building for Real Companies
Value Companies using DCF, Multiples, Exit Multiple
Boost Your Resume by a Powerful technical Skill
Futures & Options Blueprint
Problem : Making emotional decisions in a logic-based market, risk of losing capital in Futures & Options
End Goal : Learn Basics of Market & 15+ Strategies to Leverage the Power of Futures & Options
Understand all different futures, and options trading in the market
Different factors affecting futures & options, and how you can use them for your benefit
Read option-payoff charts correctly, and take decisions
Learn, build, and use trading strategies for futures and options trading
Financial Statement
Analysis Handbook
Problem : Inability to read & analyse financial Statements is creating problems in career growth
End Goal : A complete step-by-step guide to decoding financial statements and taking decisions
A 3-step process that makes this book exhaustive
Step 1 - Extracting Numbers
Step 2 - Analyzing Numbers
Step 3 - Taking Decisions Based on Numbers
The Industry Handbook
Problem : 95% of entrepreneurs don't know the relevant parameters to evaluate their industry
End Goal : Master “Industry Analysis” to break down any industry find red flags & opportunities
How does this book help in evaluating businesses?
Study the target audience & Craft a product/service your Customers want to buy
Decoding industry structures
Analyze financial metrics & pick winning businesses
Learn to survive the Competition in the Industry
Fundraising Decoded
Problem : Only 1 out of 10 Startups who go out looking for funds raise their first round
End Goal : Learning the process, strategies, & tactics tocut-down learning curve, save time, & avoid common mistakes
After reading this “How-to” book you will have answers to most fundraising questions
Start the Fundraising process
create an impactful pitch deck
Approach Investors
prepare future projections
pitch your idea to Investors

This is the Complete Curriculum

1. The Technical Trader
2. The Candlestick Trader
3. Moving Averages Explained
4. Guide to Indicators & Oscillators
5. Cheat code to Chart Patterns
6. Pro Trading System
1. Lazy Financial Canvas
2. Battling Risk
3. Road Blocks
4. The Asset Maze
5. The Journal of Mutual Funds
6. The Insurance Handbook
7. Lazy Financial Masterplan
1. Stock Market 101
2. How to Generate Investment Ideas – Art of Company Selection
3. Evaluating Companies – Numbers & Story Side
4. Valuation of Stocks
5. When to Buy & When to Sell
6. Market Cycles & Business Cycles
7. Managing a Portfolio
8. How to grow your money?
1. Basic Concepts of Modeling
2. Fundamentals of Financial Modeling
3. Analysis Required for Models
4. Raw Financials for a Model
5. Forecasting of Financial Models
6. Working with Working capital
7. How to Value a Company (Absolute Valuation)
8. How to Value a Company (Relative Valuation)
1. What are Derivatives?
2. Fundamentals of Forward Contracts
3. Fundamentals of Futures Contracts
4. Comparison of forwards and futures contracts
5. Fundamentals of Option Contracts
6. Basics of Options Payoff Charts
7. Put Call Parity
8. Open Interest and Volume
9. Option Pricing
10. Option Strategies
11. Vertical Spread Option Strategies
12. Risk Management
1. Introduction
2. Getting started with Financial Statement Analysis
3. Understanding Annual Report - Important Terms & Concepts
4. Entering Data in Spreadsheets
5. Common-Size Analysis and Cash Flow Analysis
6. Analysis of Balance Sheet - Working Capital & Short-Term Items
7. Analysis of Balance Sheet - Long term Assets
8. Analysis of Balance Sheet - Equity and Long Term Liabilities
9. Analysis of Income Statement- Revenue and Expenses
10. Analysis of Other Critical Sections - ESOPs, Leases, Related Party Transactions, etc.
11. Identifying Red Flags in Financial Reports
12. Practice, Patience and Persistence
1. Value Proposition - Understanding Customer-Product fit
2. Understanding Customers’ Needs & Expectations
3. First Tier: Understanding Industry Structure
4. Second Tier: Size, Stability, and Profitability of the Industry
5. Third Tier: Profit Forces affecting the Industry
6. Fourth Tier: Industry Profitability, Growth, and Investment Needs
7. Evolution of the Industry
8. Trends and Practices
9. Risks and Growth Potential
10. Industry Sheet, Qualitatives, and Conclusion
1. Getting Started
2. Basics Of Fundraising
3. All About Investors
4. Connections & Investors
5. The Pitch Deck
6. All About Pitching
7. Financial Projections & Other Documents
8. Valuation
9. Conclusion: Yes Or No?

Who is this Ultimate Finance Bundle for?

This Ultimate Finance Bundle is carefully curated to suit anyone trying to build a Solid Finance Base
Finance students, MBAs, CAs, CFAs
Who are looking to build stronger basics concepts.
Finance Professionals
Who are looking to upskill to stay on top of the industry standards.
Stock Market Enthusiasts
Who want to trade or invest in the market confidently
Who are trying to take more sound financial decisions.

The Finance Industry is booming
Finance Aspirants
are leveling up like never before

You should too! Start now, build your Edge!
Learners Trust ZebraLearn Books
4.4 / 5
Avg Rating across Platforms
“These books are by far the most simplified
and comprehensive Guide for finance geeks!"
Our books are focused on “Doing”, we integrate best tools, templates & resources
Invest in suitable Mutual Funds 
Pick Insurance for you & your Family
Trading Softwares & Chart Tools
Use Screener to pick stocks, research & analyse
Financial Models - Spreadsheet Templates
Financial Analysis - Spreadsheet Templates
Linkedin for building connections in Industry
Fixed Deposit Softwares for investing
EMI & SIP Calculators to Plan Finances
Investing 101 Checklist Template for screening stocks
Industry Sheets Format for identifying valuable industries
NSE & BSE data to trade in stocks, futures & options
Pitch Decks Guidelines for your Company
Portfolio allocation framework for money management
Mutual Funds Category Selection Guide
Real examples to build a solid base in Trading
in-depth modules for smarter money management
Methods for Stock Idea Generation
methods of valuing of Public & Private Companies
Futures & Options strategies to take better trades
red flags in financial reports
Tier-system for identifying attractive industries to build businesses in.
step roadmap of fundraising successfully
Real examples to build a solid base in Trading
in-depth modules for smarter money management
Methods for Stock Idea Generation
methods of valuing of Public & Private Companies
Futures & Options strategies to take better trades
red flags in financial reports
Tier-system for identifying attractive industries to build businesses in.
step roadmap of fundraising successfully

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Financial management
Personal Finance & Investing
Financial Decision Making
One-Stop Solution
Beginner Friendly
Financial Decision Making
One-Stop Solution
Beginner Friendly
Financial Decision Making
One-Stop Solution
Beginner Friendly
Financial management
Personal Finance & Investing

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